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Adiel Energy Systems

Adiel energy is positioned to become a leading partner in the solar industry due to our unique combination of having highly passionate and highly skilled solar professionals and affiliating with leading manufacturing and technology partners globally.

Our Approach

We provide energy solutions to our clients based on a thorough assessment of the load requirements and providing leading solar technology solutions.
Through this we are able to meet your energy needs and budget. We design, supply and install solar power solutions for domestic, commercial and agricultural use. We focus on a wide range of solar and renewable energy products for off grid, hybrid and power backup.

Design and Installations

Call our team of energy professionals to conduct an audit and with capacity to install solar panels on a range of roofs. We apply a four-step process which involves:
1. Consultation to understand your needs and discuss the options.
2. Site and energy audit: conducted to measure actual consumption with a view of integrating solar installation with existing wiring.
3. Installation.
4. Maintenance.

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