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Renewable energy systems sales, installation and maintenance

About Adiel Energy

Adiel energy is a leading solar energy solutions provider. We provide equipment, solutions and services across the solar energy services value chain from consultation, design, installation, operations and maintenance. We are partnered with the leading solar manufactures and technology providers across the globe.

Our Approach

We provide energy solutions to our clients based on a thorough assessment of the load requirements and providing leading solar technology solutions. Through this we are able to meet your energy needs and budget. We design, supply and install solar power solutions for domestic, commercial and agricultural use. We focus on a wide range of solar and renewable energy products for off grid, hybrid and power backup.

Renewable Energy Systems, installation and maintenance

Products and Services

Solar Panel

Solar panels

We supply and install tier one solar panels and solar accessories for domestic and commercial uses at competitive prices.


Inverters and inverter chargers

We stock the highest efficiency single phase and three phase inverters for domestic, commercial or agricultural uses.

CubeWiFi CubeGPRS remote monitoring device

Remote monitoring

We provide solutions to allow you to monitor your energy production and consumption on real-time basis. Our systems also allow you to control your installation from anywhere with instant alerts and remote access

Our Services

Energy Storage Solutions

We design integrated battery systems to store your solar energy for offered use and for backup protection. We provide lithium ion and gel batteries as per your needs.  For backup solutions we design system to detects outages and provide uninterrupted power that keeps your appliances running for days. Our products have between 6 years and 20 years design lifespan and are designed in a modular manner that can be scaled as per customers needs

Solar water pumping solutions

We provide solar powered immersible water pumps that ensure uninterrupted water supply for domestic and agricultural use. We also solarize your existing boreholes. Our systems have unmatched payback time

Stand-alone solar lighting

Stand-alone solar lighting is a clean and effective solution for sites where the cost or complication of mains cable installation is prohibitive. Stand-alone solar lighting is a superior option for remote lighting or areas with existing infrastructure which would significantly increase the cost of mains cable installation. Adiel energy supplies and installs stand-alone solar lighting for the illumination of streets, carparks, walkways, and a variety of other public spaces.

Design and Installations

Call our team of energy professionals to conduct an audit and with capacity to install solar panels on a range of roofs.

We apply a four-step process which involves:

  1. Consultation to understand your needs and discuss the options.
  2. Site and energy audit: conducted to measure actual consumption with a view of integrating solar installation with existing wiring.
  3. Installation.
  4. Maintenance.

Product range

Solar panels

Solar inverters

Lithium-ion batteries

Solar water pumps

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We provide energy solutions to our clients based on a thorough assessment of the load requirements and providing leading solar technology solutions.